Fashionable Woman Putting on Boots



Lori Deal is known as a mother,  a Christian Women's         Speaker, teacher and friend. She is also known for her           hilarious true life stories and loud laugh. She's a fan        of all things coffee. Above all, she has a deep love for     God and a desire to journey with women as they seek the Cross. 

Lori was born in Colorado, daughter of a Nazarene Pastor and her mom who began the L.I.F.T. ministry. Over the course of her life, she has lived in 8 different states.

      She has had the privilege to be used by God in many                    roles of ministry for over 20 years and is also a                             Special Education teacher (K-12 grades).                               She  loves being able to minister to women of many denominations through her speaking ministry.

Lori has 3 beautiful children . Two young adults: Jesse, who works for a local farmer and Cassie, who is a paraprofessional and college student. Lori's youngest, MiKayla, was adopted at birth, and gives her older siblings a run for their money!  They all live in North Dakota where the summers are short, the winters are long, but the people are incredibly friendly!